SOY NICA is a family run business. We have been manufacturing handmade bags for decades. All in Scandinavian minimalist design and quality. Our bags are manufactured in a 100% handmade environment. The bags are made to order. You decide the model and colour and we make it rapidly for you and ship it to your doorstep with DHL. Each bag are unique and personal. 

Most of our bags and accessories have visible edges. It is an important part of our design. The more you use the bags, the better they feel and get the patina look. Ages beautifully and smells great of real leather.   

We do only use cow leather and skin in our bags. Never plastic, carton, rubber, fabric etc. Our leathers come from Nicaraguan cows. It is free range cows with beauty marks or imperfections like scratches, wrinkles, bruises and scars. Just like all of us. These imperfections are made by nature and important part of our design and bags. It give the bags character and make each of them unique. The leathers are also dyed in hand and the colour can vary from time to time. We do only use long lasting YKK metal zippers.

We care about our employees and believe in fair business. We pay a good and fair salary to all our employees. We pay social security to secure not only our employees but also their families. We provide a safe and sound working space for our personnel. We try to always secure that our staff are 50/50 woman-man.

Each bag and accessory are carefully and well made in our workshop with love, pride and passion. We are looking forward to hear from you.